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Weekend getaway to Buzios

Armaçao de Búzios or simply known as Búzios, is one of Brazil’s most upscale and effervescent seaside resorts, sitting on a 23 beaches peninsula in the state of Rio de Janeiro, north of the Cidade Maravilhosa.

Settled originally by European pirates and slave traders, Búzios prospered and became a beautiful pitoresque fishing village, but it didn’t gain notoriety until visited in the early 1960’s by French actress Brigitte Bardot and her Brazilian boyfriend. If at the beginning of the 20th century the village was the seaside getaway for the Carioca high society, now it is a popular destination for tourists all over the world who stop by to enjoy its beauty and magic.

It is a beautiful blend of fisherman village, with one story high colorful houses, cobble stone and fishing boats on the shores of the peninsula, with the sophistication of high end boutique hotels, classy restaurants, bars and exclusive beach clubs. The little town did not lose its European influence brought in by the Portuguese, its cobble stone roads and charming waterfont awarding Buzios with the title of the St. Tropez of Brazil. 

Catching some sun

There are 23 beaches surrounding the Mediteranean feeling little town and for sure you will find one that will perfectly suit what you are looking for.

Geriba is mostly popular amongst the young crowds and surfers all year round.

If you are travelling with children, you might find Tartaruga and João Fernandes beaches to be the most suitable, because of the calm waters.

If you are looking into engaging into some fun water activities, you should try Ferradura beach, where you can entertain in kayaking or on a banana boat ride.

buzios armacao

If you are interested in a more stylish way to spend the day at beach, you might want to try a classy exclusive beach club. We have enjoyed a great day at the Silk Beach Club on Praya Brava, Rua 17 Lote 14.

Featuring a private parking, a restaurant, with beach beds excellently set on a little hill overlooking the ocean, the club offers a more private and unique way of catching some sun. The cocktails are amazing, the service very attentive and the music perfect for the setting. The club entrance fee is about 200 Reals a persons, but the sum is to be spent in the bar and restaurant on the spot.



A stroll on Rua das Pedras

Rua das Pedras is an iconic street for Búzios. It is the place to go out and enjoy a delicious candle lit dinner, the place to meet friends over a tasty cocktail, the place to wander between petite art galeries and craft shops where you can pick up that perfect souvenir. Small boutiques, ice cream parlors and cafés complete the charming picture of Ruas das Pedras.

rua das pedras

This animated 600m cobble stone street continues with Orla Bardot, alongside the Armaçao beach. The bucolic street with bars, cafes and Buzios’ most exclusive restaurants on one side and the colorful fishermen boats on the other, with wooden benches, decks and gardens, feture one of the town’s landmarks: a bronze status of the actress Brigitte Bardot made by artist Christina Motta.

Orla Bardot


Eating out in Buzios

Ruas das Pedras and Orla Bardot offer of restaurants and cafés is generous. From Brazilian food, to Italian, Thai and even Indian food, brought over by visitors that fell in love with the town and never left.

Mistico Sunset Lounge & Restaurant, on Alto Do Humaita 13, offers Mediteranean seefood, with a Brazilian twist. The location is superb, as the restaurant has a beautiful view over the ocean.

Taverne 67 on Rua Manoel Turibio de Farias, 222, is a small restaurant with fresh delicious seafood.

74 Restaurant on one of the terraces of Casas Brancas Hotel and it has been just recently opened. Its style is a fusion between the Mediteranean cuisine and the regional culinary traditions. All in a beautiful setting.

Bar& Restaurante Deck at Casas Brancas is situated on the Orla Bardot, overviewing the ocean, and it offers a great combination of Italian food and local dishes.


Where to stay

When it comes to accommodation options in Buzios, there is not taste unsatisfied. The town features high class hotels, chic boutique hotels, pousadas or vacation rentals.

Casas Brancas Boutique Hotel&Spa is excellently located in front of the ocean, with gorgeous rooms and a great pool where you can spend a relaxing day. Check out the three restaurants in the hotel – the foos is delicious.

Perola Buzios Hotel has an enjoyable pool with a DJ, wonderful rooms, but the food is not spectacular.

Abracadabra pousada is a superb boutique hotel, within 5 minutes of the city center, with idyllic views over the ocean and tastefully decorated rooms.

If you want to be away of the city center hassle on very busy times, then check out Bossa Nova Pousada. It is 1,9km from Armaçao beach, it has large beautiful rooms, a breakfast buffet and a refreshing pool where guests can relax and enjoy a cold drink.

Getting here

Buzios is 170 km away from Rio de Janeiro. You can get here by car or by bus. The drive is about 3 hours from Rio de Janeiro – but better to start early in the morning to avoid the traffic on the bridge to Niteroi.

If you decide to take a bus, there are daily departures from Novo Rio bus terminal, between 6.30 and 20.30 hours and daily returns from Búzios between 6.00 and 20.00 hours with company Viaçao. Check their website for more information and timetables.

 Top tips

  • There is no perfect time to visit Buzios. If you are not much of a partier and want to enjoy a more quiet, relaxed, but still warm Buzios, with lower rates, the perfect time for you is off-season, between March and June and from September to November.  The busiest time is from mid-December to end of February, hitting its peak season in January.
  • Bring casual summer clothes, but don’t forget dress clothes for nightlife and fine dining.
  • Drive very early in the morning to avoid traffic jams in the city and on the bridge to Niteroi.