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When to go to Rio de Janeiro

The all yearround warm temperature of Rio de Janeiro makes it that there is not really a bad time to visit the city.

The summer in Rio is the hottest, both when it comes to temperature and to notable events. Summer starts in December and stretches until half of March. The tempratures reach up to 40°C (104°F), but the real feel is even higher due to humidity. This is also the busiest time of the year, because of Christmas and New Year’s celebrations in December and, of course, the Carnival in February. Most of the Brazilians take holiday shortly before Christmas and until after the Carnival, which makes the beaches more crowded and accomodation more expensive. However, it is the time when the city is at its peak when it comes to parties and nightlife.

The autumn (April to June) and spring (September through October) are great times to visit the city, because the temperatures are milder than summer, with averages around 26°C (80°F), but also because the beaches are less crowded and accomodation a lot cheaper. With very few rainy days and cooler nights, the weather is really pleasant – and you might actually need a light sweater to go out in the evening. The spring is the perfect time to visit Jardim Botanico or Parque Lage or to hike through Tijuca Forest.

The winter lasts from July to September, with temperatures as high as 24°C (75°F), some rain and cooler days when it’s clouded. Because it is a less popular time of the year, cheaper and last minute lodging is easier. It is the perfect time for surfers to hit the beach, when the ocean is at its highest turbulence.

There is no perfect time to go to Rio de Janeiro – it is always a matter of what you are searching for.
If you like crazy crowded beaches and hot weather, if you want to experience some amazing events together with hundreds of thousands of other people – such as the New Year’s Eve and Carnival celebrations, then the summer is for you.
If you hate the heat, but you want to hike through the rain forest and explore Rio, then winter is the best time to stop by.
Spring and autumn bring calmer and more peaceful days at the beach, but beautiful flowers and colors.
So, have you decided yet when you will come to Rio?